Video Clips

Can I tell you… I really hate this page!

I hate it for two reasons. First, while a video can give you a bit of the flavor of a singer’s performance, it can’t capture the energy in the room…or adequately gauge how well the audience is responding to what I’m doing on stage. The rapport I have is very palpable to the audience. There’s often a collective gasp (followed by an eruption of applause) when I finish belting out a number on an improbable high note (I’ve got a nearly three-octave range!). And I love hearing them laugh when I “fumble” my words (which is actually intentional…at least most of the time)…or engage in occasional audience-participation shenanigans. Video just doesn’t do all that stuff justice.

The second reason I hate this page is because I’m never happy with the way I look. Never. One thing you will learn about me is that I’m always on a diet. Even back in the days when I was a size, like, negative-9 (yes, that was a looong time ago), I ate enough salads to kill a whole field of rabbits. Actually, I’ve never been beanpole-thin…I’ve always been a curvy girl. Except that nowadays, I’ve got more curves, and some of ’em are in places where I wish they weren’t.

Anyway…the video clips will give you some idea of what I bring to the table.

You can access the Audio Clips here. (Some of which are cut from my first CD, Let Me Be Strong.)


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