What Critics Say About Me!

If you ever get a chance to see Valerie Sneade on stage, put on your Nikes and get to the box office fast! This woman has vocal power, great intonation, agility, good rhythmic timing, the ability to be as soft and gentle as well as brassy and broad. She also has a comfort and ownership of the music that makes the whole package look oh, so easy. Truly, an exquisite performer.”
~ Ida Zecco, Cabaret Hotline Online, New York City

“To hear Valerie is a pleasure. To watch her – a riot. Wrapped inside her small frame and a gorgeous gown – are iron pipes that blow the audience She’s a bundle of energy. A comedienne. Think Fanny Brice without the ugly.
~ Candice Mutschler, Charlotte Life Magazine, Southwest Florida

“Gone are Judy Garland, Ethel Merman, and the other original Red Hot Mama, Sophie Tucker, but Valerie Sneade keeps up their tradition with her cabaret-style shows, a mix of belting vocals, tender ballads and witty conversation with the audience. … Sneade is one of the top performers in the country because she has IT.
~ Sandy Copperman, The Sun, Southwest Florida

Known not only for her powerhouse voice but also for her vibrant stage personality, Sneade can be a tease, a comic – sometimes brash – a girlfriend, a cheerleader and a class act all wrapped up in one.”
~ Marilyn Carpenter, Sarasota Herald-Tribute, Sarasota, Florida

“Her wide-ranging soprano encompasses many colors and she uses them along with a fine awareness of dynamics to do her musical material justice. … Witty and thoroughly entertaining.
~ Wendy Kupferman, Theater Mirror (“New England’s Guide to Theater”), Boston

“The pièce de résistance was Valerie Sneade. … This is what cabaret is all about. … Sure you can get this from opera and from theatre, but in one evening of cabaret you can get this high over and over again. … Sneade’s voice can become bold and brassy when the lyrics need her to strut and as tender as a teardrop when she wants to break your heart. … [She’s] a dynamo.”
~ Beverly Creasey, Theater Mirror (“New England’s Guide to Theater”), Boston

“Ms. Sneade is a formidable singer with a giant voice when she chooses to call on it, a wondrous talent for mimicry, and a pure, lush tone. She can easily outdo Ethel Merman, if she wants to, startling the most distant rows; she can outdo Julie Andrews with purity of nuance.”
~ John Zeugner, Worcester Telegram, Worcester, Massachusetts

“She sings up a storm … each song sun in a full theatrical style that takes no prisoners. … Sneade has a voice “like buttah” that can go from lilt to belt in seconds flat. … With her powerhouse pipes and beaming stage personality, Sneade pulls off this show with a dazzling display of determination.”
~ John Amodeo, Bay Windows, Boston

“Sneade explodes! She gets to show both her comic talent and a knack for capturing a song’s most dramatic moment.”
~ David Goldberg, Worcester Telegram, Worcester, Massachusetts

“Valerie Sneade is New York-caliber cabaret. She’s good. Really good.
~ Mark Chapman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida

See Valerie for Yourself

Sure, critics have given Valerie rave reviews – but don’t just take their word for it! You owe it to yourself to experience this talented, multi-dimensional entertainer yourself.

Valerie has performed in cabarets, musical theater, and with symphony orchestras from Massachusetts to Florida. She has two fully orchestrated POPS programs, both with arrangements by Jim Rice and George Mancini. In addition, she has several solo and group shows available for booking.