It’s Leap Year … so I’m Leaping

Although it’s officially March 1 when I’m posting this, it’s still officially leap year when I wrote it…so I’m going to make like a bunny and take a leap of faith. I am making public my brand new website. There is still some work to do…a few tweaks to be made here and there…but there’s enough done to make it “live.”

This is also my very first blog…and this is my very first blog post – as in the first I have ever written. But I promise there will be more to come.

The thing I like about blogging is the same thing that also scares me. It makes me so…vulnerable.

As an artist, I put my heart on a plate every time I do something that will be observed by the public…whether it’s singing or, yes, writing a blog post. (I know my fellow artists feel that way, too.) The tendency is to hide…put forth a facade that is somehow less authentic than the genuine “you”…but I am determined that this will be a place where I can be my honest, open, quirky, crazy self…in front of God and everybody.

I might share about my day, my friends, the state of my industry, favorite foods or movies or TV shows, celebrities, awards, trips, unusual experiences, funny things that happened…whatever crosses my mind and helps you to know me better. It should be easy to find stuff to write about…God knows I’m never at a loss for words when talking about (as the subtitle suggests) music, life, love, and fun.

Did you know that each time I am get ready to perform – and this is no lie – my heartbeat starts tripping over itself, and I ask the profound question: “What the bleepity bleep am I doing going on stage? What was I thinking?”

Most artists I’ve known also have that critical inner voice…that uneasy sense of uncertainty that they’re never as talented as they really are. And it’s a lot of bunk. Just ask my audience.

You see…we need to consider and appreciate our gift…that exceptional talent that has been given to us. If we’re professionals, we’ve not only recognized our gift, we’ve also worked hard to cultivate and improve it so that we can use it to the best of our ability…so that people enjoy it so much that they pay us to use it.

Now, I may not be very good at writing blog posts – but the one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m good at is SINGING. I can darn near knock the paintings off the walls if I really cut loose.

For example, I was with my best friend in the whole wide world, Lori, her son Nick, and my mom when we bumped into Ellen Cornely, who I know from my early days of performing theatrical and musical revues. (I am talking about when I first started out.) I had just ordered my New England-style baked haddock with matchstick fries (yeah, that was not a healthy choice, I know, but at least give me credit for ordering the haddock baked, thank you very much) when I saw her. She recognized me and said, “Oh my, it is THE VOICE.” I hope she gets to see this website because hearing her comment made my day. Heck, it made my month.

And it also served as a reminder not only of my God-given talent, but also that I am so blessed to do what I do…and I’m so incredibly grateful to do it.

Please share this site with any person you may know who needs an upbeat, fun, and fiery singer to entertain them. Perhaps it’s a theater manager or an activity director at a country club. Also, please leave a comment whenever you like or have an opinion about my blog. It’s always nice to hear from friends, old and new.

Oh…and one last thing. I give a huge shout-out to the person who has helped me make this website possible, the incomparable Bob Massey (whom you should also hire to do this for YOU). Thank you, Bob.

So here I go. “Who IS that girl?” you ask? My name is Valerie Sneade…and I thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me better! I am here to entertain you!

With a song from my heart to your ears,

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